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About Van'sArts

Foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of my visitors for taking the time to drop in on my website. I appreciate the love and support I receive through your heartfelt and insightful comments, and shares you have made on my posts. Many of you have gone extra miles to purchase many of my art pieces and I am truly thankful for that. May God bless you all.

Van'sArts is a project inspired by my own personal experiences and founded after many years' planning and forethought. It began and came into effect with the support and encouragement from friends and families. 

Van'sArts is established with a long term mission to get things done for often neglected communities across the world starting with my own. When I choose to make art, I do not just do it for its beauty. I do not see art as just a pretty picture on the wall. To me art is a living tongue that speaks the core truth about life, and it is an image that reveals the memories, emotions, and beliefs of a person. With that in mind, I choose to make art to either raise awareness or take action against poverty.

As all things should start somewhere, I would like to start Van'sArts in my own community specifically in my own village, Chuncung which I left behind. Having grown up poor as a farmer in the village, I still carry some residue of my childhood experiences. Among many poor villagers in the Chin community, I deeply empathize with orphaned children and widowers who struggle daily against the hold of poverty and scrape a living working harsh and menial jobs. For these underserved, I resolve to dedicate 50% of all profits seen through Van'sArts to their aid yearly. The other 50% will be spent on other necessary expenses of the Van'sArts organization.

Lastly, thank you so much for paying me a visit on my website. You all have helped me much with your prayers and support to lay Van'sArts foundations. I urge you so humbly, friends, to continue to contribute to Van'sArts in any way that you feel inclined. It is a great privilege to be of service to others while one may.

---Josh Thang Bawi---



Lunglawmhnak Bia le Bia Siaherh

Ahmasa bik ah, ka website ah a rak ka lengmi hawi-le-kom le u-le-nau nan dihlak cung ah lunglawmhnak tampi ka ngei. Dawtnak lungthin le siaherhnak in ka zuksuaimi le ka thilri tete a rak share i comments le cakuatnak tetein thazang a ka petu le ruahnak a ka cheutu nan cung zong ah kai lawm tuk. Cun, zawnruahnak le dawtnak lungthin thawn ka zuksuaimi le ka thilri tete a rak ka cawmi zong nan cung ah lunglawmhnak tampi ka ngei. 

Pathian nih thluachuahnak in pe ko hnai seh.

Van'sArts hi kum caan saupi thawk teding in lungthli ka tummi le saduh ka thahmi asi. Atu ah dawtu chungkhar, u le nau le hawi le kom thazaang peknak le ttanpinak thawng in duhsah tein a tlam a hung tlin riahmahmi ka hmuh tikah ka tha a nuam ngaingai. Hi rian hi atu ah cun a hme telawng sihmanhsehlaw, hmailei ah cun ka miphun,

ka ram ca le mi tampi caah thiltha tampi a chuahpi te lai timi ruahchannak ka ngei.

Van'sArts ka hun thawknak a ruang bik cu misifak le miharsa, a hlei in cawmkeng tu reptak ngeilo ngaktthah hngachia le zokhenhtu reptak ngeilo tar cia hmeinu hmeipa hna bawmhnak ding caah asi. Cucu, Lai-tlang ka chuahkehnak khua Chuncung khua in thawk ding in kai timtuah. Atu ah hmundang le ramdang ah khuasa hmanh ning law, Lai-tlang khuate khua ah harsa ngai in atthang lianmi ka si bang ka lungthin cu ka khua, ka ram, le ka miphun hna sin ah a tang ko rih. Thil dang tampi lak ah tarcia hmei-nu le hmei-pa, zohkhenh tu reptak angei lomi an nuncan ning ka ruah tikah ka um sia a rem kho hrim lo. Nu hmei le pa hmei si, kum le khua upat cang ttung, lo-rian ttuan in paw i cawm rih, umnak reptak le ihnak reptak ngeih fawn lo cu har ngaingai asi tiah ka ruah. Cucaah, hi Van'sArts riantuannak in hmuhmi a hnarcheu (50%) cu an caah khon piak hna i kumkhat hmakhat bawmh hna ding in kai tim. Cun a dang hnarcheu (50%) Van’sArts a rianttuannak ca i a dih heumi caah hman ding in kai tim tuah fawn.

Adonghnak ah, Van’sArts cu ka chim cang bang in, hmai lei ah Laitlang ka miphun hawi lak i misifak le miharsa hna bawmhnak ding caah thlacam nenh tein hunthawkmi asi bang, hmunkip um ka u le ka nau ka hawi le ka kom hna nih nan hun ka dirpi ve lainak ding kai ruahchan. Mah ca lawng ah a nungmi silo in, midang ca’h a thahnemmi si le midang ca'h san a tlaimi si veding hi ka duh bikmi asi i, cucu nan mah cio hna zong nih nan duh bikmi asi cio theo lai tiah zumhnak ka ngei. Herhtu kan ngeih lio teah a kan herhmi hna caah tuan ve ding in kan sawm hna.

---Josh Thang Bawi---

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