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Hello all my friends in the United States, I am doing a little fundraising for Civil Disobedience Movement(CDM) that takes place in my home country, Myanmar, and I hope you will join me in this movement for Change.


As you all know, after the military dictatorship/terrorists have forcefully taken power in the country, the country is in a total darkness. Because the Terrorists have been using heavy war weapons on peaceful protestors, over 800 lives have been lost, but the people of Myanmar stand strong with non-violence protest until now.

Because I also believe that violence cannot be overcome by violence but only with love and peaceful actions, I stand with CDM.

For that reason, I decided to make a fundraising for CDM by pressing T-shirts in three different colors with each colors representing different things as follows;

Red: for the fallen heroes

Blue: for the political prisoners & the innocent children whose lives are in danger

White: hope for victory & change in Myanmar

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